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Hello, everyone, thank you for visiting our website in your busy time. Our official website of kuaimaobo app is:, please don't get lost next time!

The fastcat app is a mobile live broadcast software popular with old drivers. There are a lot of online Red anchors on fastcat's official website. You can choose super versatile skills. There are a variety of live broadcast areas. The live broadcast is wonderful 24 hours a day. It's a very interesting live platform. You can subscribe to your favorite anchors. You will be notified in time when you have any news. Your favorite friends can download and use it!

The fast cat app we provide has upgraded the free plug-in based on the original one. The newly registered babies can enjoy all the live broadcast rooms for a few minutes. They can give free gifts to their favorite hosts without paying. The optimized function of the cracked version is free for members to use and the direct broadcast is more stable.

The advantages of our fast cat app:

1. The member charging function is completely removed. As long as you download and log in and use it actively, we rely on the built-in advertising to maintain the server cost, and all the expenses will not let you pay! All benefits are free.

2. Simply register and log in, download and watch the live broadcast online. Massive content, there are funny, outdoor, singing, dancing and other talent shows!

3. You can choose from a large number of online Red anchors to aggregate multiple live platforms. The heart version of our upgrade is to aggregate a lot of live content. We all know that a lot of live apps can't be seen recently. Our favorite anchors have already arrived here for broadcast!

Here we hope that if you think our app is easy to use, please take the initiative to share it with your friends



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