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How to install the fast cat? How can fast cat not register?

Recently received the most questions is how to install fast cat? How come the cat can't register? It's really a headache to see. Because it's really a simple problem.
You think: the same question, answer hundreds of times, what would you do? Will it be crazy?
So, today I'm going to write a tutorial to teach you how to install fastcat. I'll also explain the problems that fastcat can't register with you and list the detailed methods.
First: how to install fast cat? First, open our fastcat website ( and click the slide of the homepage, or click the fastcat app in the column navigation to download.
Then look at the mobile phone system of what system you are and download what type of app. After downloading, install it according to the prompts. Note: if you have any prompts, click allow to agree. Yuanwei now wants you to install their own app store for mobile phones, and will try to block the externally downloaded app.
Some apple phones need to go to the settings, and choose to allow the installation of this project. If your Apple phone has a hint that it can't be installed, Baidu will search your phone model + problems encountered, and find solutions!
After the installation is successful, we open the app. Some versions can log in with wechat QQ one click. Some require mobile phone number registration, which can be operated by ourselves. It's only one minute!
Then we can choose our favorite live broadcast to interact with the host.
Finally, let's talk about how fast cat can't register?
In fact, it's very simple. The version of the fastcat app you downloaded is too low. Some download pages are not updated in time. There will be various problems with the old version. I suggest you go to our official website to download the latest version!



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